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A showcase of the best new films from around the world today. Make sure you watch the festival as this is a selection of the best of the best in the world. Must watch!

NUESTRAS VOCES (OUR VOICES), 88min., Australia, Documentary
Directed by Diana Paola Paez
Through the stories of a group of Spanish-speaking migrants who arrived in Victoria, Australia between the 60s and the 80s, we embark on an emotional journey to understand the challenges and joys of their stories, showcasing their contribution to the social and cultural fabric of Australia.

Director Biography – Diana Paola Paez

Diana is a Colombian Filmmaker that migrated to Australia in 2014. She’s passionate about using film as a medium for social awareness, cohesion and change.

Director Statement

Nuestras Voces is the first documentary in Australia giving voice to the early generations of Latin American and Spanish migrants in Victoria, Australia.
It’s important to hear and connect with the stories of these early migrants to understand their contribution to such a young and diverse country like Australia and to generate empathy for migrants all around the world.

Little has been known of the Latin American migrants and this film helps to honour and learn from their resilience stories.

This film was made during Covid-19 restrictions in the most locked-down city in the world: Melbourne. Despite the challenges this brought, it was important to bring it alive and adapt to the world we’re living in today.

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