Director Biography – Amir Youssef (THE INITIATION)

Growing up in the old city of Cairo in Egypt, Amir was captivated by filmmaking in all its forms and roots, as an artistic tool of expression and fulfillment.

In his teen years Amir immigrated to the United Sates with his parents and younger brother, leaving behind a cultural heritage that he continues to cherish. Starting a new chapter in California his new home, he studied and practiced electrical engineering in the field of Renewable Energy. Simultaneously, he persevered through self-education to learn the craft of filmmaking and in 2019 he wrapped up his first short film ‘The Initiation’ which will premiere in 2020.Director Statement

Roaming the colorful streets of Oakland in California, I am constantly nudged by its many contrasts. You can obviously see extreme wealth in privileged neighborhoods, whilst the other side of the fence is smeared with severe poverty and hardship, in neighborhoods mostly inhabited by immigrants and minorities, who are trapped with no other place to flee to.

In this film I wanted to recapture some of the poetic realism styles presented by French Cinema in the 1930’s, to shed some light on environments that establish hateful and unforgiving forces, while neglecting creative outlets and labeling them as distasteful.

We perceive the graffiti portraits through David, a homeless man and a silent narrator. He is the manifestation of a neighborhood abandoned and neglected by society. Through him we encounter Pedro a teenage Latino Graffiti Artist, who is trying to find a voice in life. The narrative examines the limited choices that life had to offer this emerging youngster, in a quarantined community where many youths are in search of identity and fellowship.


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