Director Biography – Ariel Orama López (AG Orloz) (2HOOM)

Ariel Orama López (AG ORLOZ) is a Puerto Rican professional actor, executive producer, independent filmmaker, and media psychologist that was eligible for the Oscars 2020. He is a collegiate actor of the Colegio de Actores de Puerto Rico, a certified Executive Coach (specialized in Crëative Life Coaching) from TISOC, Barcelona, Spain, and a licensed clinical (media) psychologist. He was selected as a finalist of Taller TELEMUNDO: actores, in Miami, directed by the well-known actress nominated for an Oscar in the movie Babel (2006), the distinguished Mexican actress and Professor Adriana Barraza.

Ariel (AG) has worked in commercials, theatre, short films, indie films, documentary, series, television, media writing, and voice-overs, summing more than 200 projects in arts (2001-2020). He is also a composer and singer: one of his songs (Seré/I’ll be) was selected for the Puerto Rican dramatic documentary The Eyes of the People and his song (Alto Vuelas/ Flying Higher) was selected as the official Puerto Rican song for the World March from the Peace, celebrated in Argentina and New Zealand.

Orama performed in fourteen Short-Films in California during his NYFA training in Acting for the Film (Los Angeles). After this experience, he was selected as the Creative Coach and Consultant for the television program Idol Kids Puerto Rico (from the recognized English franchise Idol ©), and have offered courses about Psychology of Character at the Colegio de Actores de Puerto Rico and in other relevant forums.

He has received more than 70 laurels and 29 international prizes in filming, including Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, India, Spain, Africa, the Philippines, Nazareth, among other international contexts. Ariel directed and starred on the Puerto Rican Short-Film ESTEB∆N -Opera Prima- which received national and international laurels and/or nominations (Director’s Choice: Best Film, Top Ten Film, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Music) in following contexts: Spain, California, Orlando, and Puerto Rico. He received laurels and prizes from Italy, Martinique, and Spain for his Short Film Cielos Negros (main character and producer) and presented his Short Films ESTEBAN and A Mis Queridos Reyes at NYU and in The Motherland Resists NY Collective Project. He also received a scholarship from New York University (NYU) for an intensive Film and Gender Seminar and had the opportunity to present some of his multi-laureated films among academics and specialists in the seventh art.

The Puerto Rican actor has received different awards in performing arts, including Best Direction Selection, Best Concept, Best Actor, and Best Script. Ariel was one of the five recipients of the Sor Isolina Ferré Medal in Education of the Government of Puerto Rico, a unique National distinction in service and education. In 2018 received the Top Ten Young Persons Award (TOYP) in the Cultural and Art category.

Director Statement

2ḦOOM [zu:m]

“When the pandemic arrived, my intuitive mind thought of two things: first, that the vaccine or the ‘antidote’ against COVID-19 could be related to the structure that gives the dreaded virus the shape of a “crown.” I shared with my loved ones, with evidence, right at the beginning of this global situation. Second, that HIV/AIDS could be understood, in another way, after studies and future findings on the relatively new condition, and vice versa. I remembered my experience with HIV/AIDS patients. Considering my formal education in Science and Arts, I decided to create a short film that linked such elements with the unimaginable power of water and the mysteries of quantum physics: a story that alluded to the “shield” or “armour” of the coronavirus (even on an emotional level, as a metaphor) as well as the stigma of HIV. Today we are one voice, without races: a new universe of masked beings. And that is how my short film 2ḦOOM [zoom] was born.” -AG ORLOZ

Welcome to 2ḦOOM [zu:m], a Puerto Rican Life Action Short Film that incorporates international creative talent, conceived in full confinement and in the presence of COVID-19 in the World. The multi-laureate director of independent cinema and university professor of psychology and acting, Dr. Ariel Orama López (AG Orloz in the arts) summoned a Peruvian animator and cartoonist (Jorge Cáceres) and an Italian composer (Daniele Carretta) to create a project that represented the related topics that emerged after the pandemic and which, in turn, served as a single voice for the human race in the midst of global metamorphosis. Filmed indoors and outdoors, under strict protection measures and with the integration of creative elements, the project managed to come to life with an air of universality, thus leaving for festivals around the world. Topics related to the blood ties that transcend, the vulnerability of human beings, patients at risk and immortality are present in the short film, whose visual richness through animation joins the sublimity of its music and the plausibility of the performances. Ariel is a distinguished former LA NYFA Acting for the Film Student who was eligible for the Oscars 2020 with its project ONE.

The Life Action Short Film that integrates animation with acted scenes is about “two brothers who discover the quintessence that unifies them”, in the midst of the pandemic, through a conversation by “Zoom” in which “anything can happen”: this occurs from the virtual platform that boomed under current circumstances and in full confinement. The project incorporates actor Jonathan Cardenales along with also actor AG Orloz, who stared on this short and have formed a perfect cufflink in other of his award-winning projects. One of the emotional touches of the project is the integration of voices from Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Argentina for a crucial moment in the emotional film. Likewise, talents from the United States and Mexico were integrated to conceptualize the art, logo, and essence of the project, from the comprehensive perspective of Orama. The edition was carried out between Puerto Rico and Peru, virtually supervised by its director from the thrill of creating, for the first time, a project that integrates animation. It should be noted that the project has also awarded actors and editors. The sum of talents that make up this project was characterized by its dedication, creativity, level of detail and quality of its art: neither distance nor new limitations were an obstacle to creating a project with substance and worthy of international festivals.

“Uniting as that new, emerging DNA, which already has an indelible mark on our collective memory, in times of change, has been key to survival in the face of what we all already know and are experiencing. This is precisely what our film commitment has been: we have started from a unifying, human, social, and hopeful perspective. We did it with the short film ONE, after the ravages of Hurricane Maria, and we even hoped that our message would reach the Academy and the Oscars: thank God, we did it with the eligibility of the project. Now, we want our sublime message in essence and forceful in matters of great relevance and universality to reach every corner of the planet as a reaffirmation that we are no longer neither races nor other social differences, there are no distinctions: we are one voice”, concluded the multi-awarded director of this seventh art project, who recently won his 40th laurel and 4 new nominations in Chile (director, script, sound design and cinematography) for his Oscar eligible Short Film ONE, is completing his next book on Film and Media and is in post-production of his feature film “YSLA”, from a renewed perspective and with other enriched experiences. 2ḦOOM [zu:m]© was filmed in the midst of the pandemic and under the confinement rules.


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