Director Biography – Carlos V. Diupotex (ADA OFFICE)

Carlos V. Diupotex, was born in Mexico City. He studied Communication and Public Relations at ULA. Since 2008 he started working as a video editor E-learning programs for ASF. Later he continued his professional career in different projects such as: ESPN Deportes, documentaries, fashion videos and yoga programmes. In 2015 he ventured into the genre ficiton where he has edited teleseries such as La Hermandad, Sincronía, Guerra de Ídolos, El Señor de los Cielos, among others. In 2019, he wrote, directed and produced his first fictional short film: Ada Office.

Director Statement

Seeing how almost all my activities and those of others became a solely digital interaction, made me deeply question the Zeitgeist of digital era. Becoming less humanistic and more subordinated to an implacable computational logic.

So, I decided to write Ada Office (Sharani Ballesteros). Story about an operating system with functions of personal boss, programmed to optimize the productivity and performance of its employees and its interaction with Emilio (Emmanuel Zavala), incarnation of that part within us that in the search for total perfection through automation causes its own “obsolescence” or “cognitive atrophy.”

Emilio stops trusting his intuition, represses his emotions, eliminates any critical thinking … he forgets that he is a biological being. Therefore, fights against his own nature.


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