Short Film: ¡Come! (eat), 12min., USA, Drama

Set in Florida, a 12 year old Puerto Rican girl’s perspective changes when she brings a popular dessert dish, Arroz con Leche, to a thanksgiving event at her school and no one eats it.

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Short Film: THE INITIATION, 19min., USA, Drama


Tagline: In an abandoned place where violence rules, onl graffiti walls show compassion.

Synopsis: David a homeless man and a silent narrator follows the tags of a Latino Graffiti Writer named Pedro. Those tags are the only source of light in the homeless man’s empty world.

Pedro shares the same world which is not so bright. In search of protection and fellowship, he is lured to join the notorious Vessel gang lead by his cousin Miguel and must undergo a final vicious initiation ritual. Through the final hours, Pedro is reminded by Jen his one true companion that his art is his protection and fellowship.

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